Something For Tomorrow is a four piece hard rock band from Denver Colorado, formed in 2012 by founding members Jason Lycan and Rodney Tidwell. In the short time the band has been together Something For Tomorrow has opened up for bands like Trapt, Motley CrU, Kiss and Arcanium to name a few. Known for hosting annual festivals such as Echo Fest, Jam Up The Poudre and Rocky Mountain LocalPalooza both men have been deeply rooted in the Colorado music scene since 2000. They both decided to step away from promoting to focus on Something For Tomorrow. In the spring of 2013 they welcomed the powerfully diverse vocal styling of Cory White to the ensemble. Last but not least the band hired the tight and technical Drummer Evan B as the final addition to the group.

The band has a universal sound that spans a wide demographic. With over 25 years of writing experience Jason has developed a guitar sound that is both innovative and catchy and with Rodney’s low frequency bass tones they will get your blood pumping. Cory’s edgy heartfelt vocal melodies complement the bands unique music composition blending with the hard hitting style of the drums. The combined experience and talent level of all the members is a compliment to the natural chemistry of Something For Tomorrow. Many people connect with the music and lyrics immersing themselves in all aspects of the band including the visual concepts and audio experimentation, they create a true connection with fans. Taking life experiences and turning them into emotional expression through sound, the band makes Music that allows the audience to let go of their day and get lost in the deep concepts and inspiring messages within the lyrics. Catchy choruses mix with progressive rhythmic verses creating a dynamic sound that sticks in your head.

Something For Tomorrow is a band you will have on the top of your play list. The live performance just intensifies the pure emotion captured within the songs. The first single “Save Yourselves” is scheduled to be released in December 2014 with the 5 song EP to be released shortly after in the spring 2015. Something for Tomorrow is currently seeking tour opportunities to fill the 2015 tour season. Please contact 303)945-0182 for more information.

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